Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What the hell is she doing here?

Ok, here's my first article. I don't like to write, actually that's only because the only moments I wrote in my life was for school. So be aware, I'm not a writer! But I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy this... Hi, I'm Anissa and as you may know I'm from France.
We're here for three weeks now; we live in a big house with 4 and more people. Ok, I will put you in the context. I'm 21, I just finished my studies, never been away from home for so long and all alone, never had to live with anyone else than my relatives, never really enjoyed adventure and used to have my comfort, my own bubble if you prefer. (Uuh she's just a little girl).
Liepaja beach
Maybe you're right. I don't really know how to answer when people ask me the reason I committed myself in this project. Maybe I just needed this time off in my life before even thinking about settling down, I definitely also needed a time off for my personal issues. My aims here are to improve my social competences, my patience and give me some ideas for my future plans.  I want to get to know another country and culture, meet new people and above all get to know myself better.
Why Latvia? Maybe because I don't know a damn THING about the country or its culture. Now I'm here, I have no idea why it's so unknown. Compared to where I'm from, it's so… peaceful, quiet, nothing goes fast. People make time to do what they want to do. I mean, anyone who has a breakdown should come by for a few days.

Kurava, Kuldiga
I'm sad to tell you I have nothing much to tell about these lasts days. Been sick most of them, yep, my body is still not a friend with the country. But spring is coming so... So far, I had the chance to go to Kuldiga for our first weekend here. All I can say is that you very quickly feel like you're at home, hanging out with friends you seem to know for years. That's a weird feeling. These last 3 weeks ran so fast, although, it seems like I'm here for months now. I'm more an observer than a talker or an actor, but still I'm getting used to everything and everyone. Ok, I'm not going to lie to you; I miss home, the crowd, the fast life, my people. But I was "prepared" for that and maybe that's what I needed – to miss my life. But I'm surprised to get used to this life sooo fast. I'm meeting, like every day, new visions of life, new mind-sets. I'm feeling like I'm so far from everyone and I realize I have so much to learn about others and myself!

Ok that's it for now. To be continued.


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