Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We have opened the Angara finally!

Look closely: have you seen those signs around the town? If not, open your eyes, there are three to find:)

For us, volunteers, the main job is to go in the morning, make a big fire, cut a lot of carrots, to make a big soup, in the big pot, on the big fire, for the big soup. Seriously.
Yesterday was still spent preparing - chopping wood, transporting bikes from the last year, arranging the tools, carring water, greeting the participants etc.

But it's not only bikeparts one will stumble upon in the workplace. Young movimakers, tourists from Singapore, local youngsters, sun, loud music, sea, art, photography, going against the mainstream are just few of the keywords.

Those who wondered around the dock in the dark probably couldn't look past the jam session and a tiny girl playing with fire. 

Making of the soup: four guys, forgotten salt, big fire, beer water, huge pot, lot of smoke - DISASTER!?!!!
Who would have guessed we had to bring our own bowls and spoons.

And you know, one of the participants is about to finish his bike already!

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