Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tvīda Brauciens Liepājā 2012

The Tweed Run is a new event from England, First held in 2009 in
London. Like its older cousin Critical Mass, it is a communal event
involving a large group of bike riders. Unlike Critical Mass, which
aims purely to have as many people riding their bikes, The Tweed run
aims to raise interest with the gimmick of having participants dress
up in costumes imitating the style of the 1900s British and nearby
eras. While the eponymous tweed jacket is the headliner and most
common garb, alongside it many other classic garments are presented,
with deerstalker caps topping classical Sherlock Holmes impersonators.
Additionally, many collectors use the oppurtunity to show off restored
bikes from the time, or strange bikes that just add to the quirkyness
of the event.

To encourage participation, several awards are on offer to attract
costumed bike riders. The most vaunted awards up for grabs are for the
best costume for each gender and most interesting bike, but several
others are on offer, like most impressive mustache!

The 2012 Liepaia Tweed Run is open to the public, and all it takes to
join is a bike, so dress up fancy, hop on your penny-farthing, and
join the crowd on Rožu laukums on Saturday, 19th of May, at 16.30.

More information(in Latvian)

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