Tuesday, May 8, 2012

3rd Tweed Parade in Riga

We have been so lucky lately to make it to so many interesting events in Latvia. From Stipro Skrējiens 4(Spirit Race 4) to Freakbike Parade and Tweed Drive in Riga. Some of our volunteers participated in the Spirit Race while others were cruising through Riga on freakbikes but unfortunately for Tweed Drive we were all just an audience. It was still great, though. And you know, there will be one in Liepāja also. And very soon, this one. On the 19th of May. Starting place is the Rose Square where participants can gather from 16.30. The route:  maršrutā: Rožu laukums - Lielā iela – Graudu iela – Kūrmājas prospekts – Vites iela (Vites ielā paredzēts īpašs brauciena jubilejai veltīts izbrauciens) – Peldu iela – Liepu iela – Kr. Barona iela – Dzintara iela – Rožu iela – Ūliha iela – Jūrmalas iela – Ezera iela – Ganību iela – Kungu iela – Bāriņu iela – K. Zāles laukums – Jūras iela – Promenāde. 

But about the drive in Riga. There were participants of every age - from babies to senior citizens.

Finishing touches before the drive.

Favourite cyclist for sure!

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