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A celebration. When I heard for the first time about the project Radi Vidi Pats, the first feeling was a desire to participate, to help in this. I feel that path is a way to learn a life in harmony with Nature. To ride a Bicycle is to move, it is to feel every stone, every step, every smooth trail in mindfulness, and fly through memories. Without losing the notion of site where we want to go. Even if this does not get the name, time or image. Feel the wind, and be free like the wind.
Radi Vidi Pats teaches how to build and maintain a bike to ride conditions. Always encouraging self-initiative and learning from experience in practice, touching the parts and putting them in place like a puzzle. This theory is sufficient and utilized at the instant that is transmitted: The Practice embracing Theory.
The festival is approaching and the work increases for Radi Vidi Pats Family, that creates it. Frustration from the ego to not having time to himself - Talking is good and reminds us the goal, which is to show a Green way to be aware of every action we take in life. "UpCycling" is the teaching to don´t see the garbage as useless. Turn this garbage into something useful, for esthetic. Be aware to actions, knowing that we can change them when we have harmed something.
Boltik Baik is a celebration of bikethat is a tool that allows travel easely without using animals like objects, or fossil fuels as locomotor energy. This festival, in creative and joyful way recalls this great invention of mankind: The Bicycle.
With the bike we use the body's energy and celebrate the life in rolling movement. They are animals that follow paths in search of new challenges in a dance of happiness, full of colors that glow fluorescent in the moonlight and Sun. Animals in madness, a journey that seems a life in an instant. The Boltik Baik Festival is the sharing of knowledge, smiles, power to do, travel and explore, behond the comfort of vibrating boxes (cars). Dance, music, sharing, Bicycles – all of it is attracting the attention and imagination.

Freak Bikes as animals of different shapes and colors has the same intention: to move and explore.Thus is born the Freak, swimming in the free pattern and spreading the vision of change, offering a smile to be free.

The name of my project : Rock and Ride @ Boltik Baik. Since October I have been waiting for this event. I have been to several festivals: drama, films, literature, but an artistic festival using bikes as a medium ??
Out of the hundreds of bikes parts that we have collected for over 2 months, it is hard and vibrant to imagine that they will turn into a strong message to invite people to use bikes and as well create work of art.  Boltik Baik seems to be a rich and powerful festival… which is quite scary, the work load over the week will be 24/7 of concerts, events, cooking, talking, etc. I cannot wait to see in what state I will finish this week as well as finally experience it!
2 months now that I am here, and it is one of the main events that I have been waiting for and I admit a bit afraid of… Let’s see. The team is amazing and the energy for the preparation is very reactive and already creative: poster making, teasers. And can be tough: cleaning the entire backyard to make the festival as welcoming as it can be. I feel that the preparation of the festival is announcing may 9th till may 15th: Intense, rich and tough.

 Nina from Slovakia studying Art all around the Europe.
My first meeting with Boltik Baik was a year ago, when I came to Liepaja for a training course focused on green ways of living in urban environment. Our time in Liepaja was pretty intense. Days we spend skill sharing, learning and pretty much digging in our minds and hearts. That’s why it was nice to have Boltik Baik happening in the same week. Night we could enjoy local musicians, deep conversations around the fire and creative fun of all kinds.
As year past, I kept these lovely memories close to my heart and in the time when I was thinking what to do next with my life, Linda wrote me, if I would be (still) interested in volunteering for Radi Vidi Pats. Honestly, the only thing that kept me from going 100% for this idea was the weather that I knew I will catch in Latvia in April and may (that I’m currently struggling with). Otherwise RVP as an organisation and Boltik Baik as skill-gaining experience was a perfect fit.
Knowing people in RVP, being aware of the ways they are working, I had no doubts it will be one of the most important experiences for my dreamed future.
I had some know-how with organising a festival, so I was really looking forward to be part of another one / Boltik Baik 2016.Because all of us (EVS volunteers) are coming from artistic or creative background, it’s really nice to brainstorm together. Even better feeling was that we all agreed on the same atmosphere and theme of this year’s festival. Freaky ravey animal celebration!
There are so much beautiful things happening around organisation. Many local (Latvian) people are on the same page with us. Every person is welcomed and has their space in creation. It’s amazing to hear all the ideas and ideals that we want to fit in this short week. Sometimes we are laughing that I feel like art-director of this all, and honestly, I love it so (too) much!
This experience is opening a lot of doors to my life after EVS, and its making me feel like valuable person with bunch of useful skills. I sincerely hope, you will love it so much as we already do, and we will enjoy it together.


I’m Emilia, a 22 years old volunteer from the north of Italy. I arrived here in Liepaja almost 3 weeks ago that seems 3 months and 3 days in the same time. The things we have to do are a lot, but I also have the will to do it and do it well. I’m learning how to manage Radi Velo Pats when there’s the public space, and I’m trying with the other volunteers and the people that works there to organize it, keep it clean and safe. In the meantime we are dealing with the promotion of the main event of that season for Radi Vidi Pats, Boltik Baik 2016! Actually the promotion is what I prefer to do the most, because it deals with creativity, team working, art stuff. This week i drew the logo full of animals on freak bikes for the poster that you can find in our Facebook page. I really enjoyed to do that kind of work, it was the first time that the most of the work for the creation of a poster for an important event like Boltik Baik was all on me, and I was a bit scared in the beginning but now I’m really happy and satisfied, hope you like it! While I was finishing the poster, on Saturday afternoon, other volunteers were editing the creepy and stunning teaser that you can find on the Facebook page and on Youtube! This week we are going to make another poster with the cultural program and another amazing teaser is coming soon!

Project is realised with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

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