Monday, May 9, 2016

It's Boltik Baik time!

Two days before the launching of Boltik Baik !
The preparation has been spectacular, the week before we were only just planning and talking.
We shot the two trailers and that was fantastic, after two months I did not edit or shoot anything, and now we got to direct and edit those teaser with a freaky and fun atmosphere. Spending 3 hours in the cold catacombs so that the fox can have a freakbike or on beach and see a glimpse of what the parade will look like was a great first step for me to get into the mood. Since I have never been on Boltik Baike I was really happy that Radi Vidi Pats found the videos reflecting pretty well the spirit of the festival !
For the week-end I went back home, and when I came back everything was advancing at 200km/h. So many things happened and needed to be done when I arrived. The backyard is ready to greet people, the Kuppola got stolen so we have to move to the barn that needs a complete make-over.
In only 4 days or so, and a lot of time and joyful energy, the result is brilliant : a bar, a film screen, a stage are now waiting for the furry madness.
The decorations, after a lot of thoughts, changing plans, that were getting better and better, are now in place. Waiting for the UV lights and dreams of the visitors.
I feel that Boltik Baike started this week. With crazy hours, delicious sample-soups (where I washed for the first time a dish with sand and water...), hard works, flashing creativity with the decoration teams, or the team that turned a barn into a place - where I cannot wait to spend this week. And I got a real feeling of community, everyone helping out to make this place come true. And of course all of this with a taste of summer and summery parties.
Yesterday night , half stoned due to the painting job I had done for 2 hours, the place was ready. The light turned off, the UV light lit up. And there it is, the freaky inspiring Boltik Baike that we have been talking, dreaming about. All it needs now is people and their inner animals to make it alive.
Right after seeing the almost final look of the barn, Stas told me that even though the concept of Boltik Baike remained the same, it always turns out fantastically different, thanks to the location, the people putting themselves out there to make it happened years after years.
When I read about Boltik Baike I had no ideas what to expect, and as months went by here, the idea was still quite blurry. And now that I am in front of the barn, I am still  excitingly wondering how it will be during this special week...
Photo: Nina Mik

Project is realised with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. 

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